Wedding Reception Venues

Congratulations on the Wedding!

Whether you’re planning on throwing yourself a wedding or playing hostess for a close friend or family member, we’ve got you covered. Our locations are ideal to have a wedding party no matter what the size. We offer multiple options to choose from. Have your wedding catered by us and pay per plate, just have the service and table setup along with banquet setup and cater your own food and drinks, or buy out the entire venue and use your own vendors. Our locations aren’t like the big catering halls with so many restrictions. You can rent the venues and bring in your own food, music and drinks.  

One of the most popular types of party our halls are booked for is wedding receptions, Wedding anniversaries, and engagement party’s. Our wedding venues are perfect to celebrate your next big day. We have been in the party hall rental business for over 50 years and have multiple affordable party halls of different sizes to serve all your needs. Click on ( to see our list of venues. We even have customer reviews and video testimonials to prove how great we are. Or simply call or text 718-200-0535 between 10am and 8pm – 7 days a week.

Most of our street level first floor event spaces are located near public transportation, major highways, are handicap accessible and have ample parking for all your guests.

At each of our newly renovated halls we offer:

* 5 hours of your choice for your event

* Additional time to set up and decorate

* Include all the basics such as chairs, tables, bar area and DJ booth.

* Large chrome chafing racks to warm food

* Disco Ball and dance lights

* Bar with Fridge

* Free WIFI and use of TV screen

Wedding Party planning simple checklist.

  1.       Plan in advance. Make a guest list. It’s never too early so secure a date.
  2.       Figure out a budget
  1.      Secure a contract – When renting a venue take this first step before anything.
  2.      Send out invitations – Get a headcount early.
  3.      Pick a Décor – Think of themes, colors, and creative ideas
  4.      What’s on the menu? – you can have it catered, cooked at home, or pay per plate.
  5.      Make an agenda for the party – Entrance time, party games and entertainment, when food will be

            served, speeches or slideshows.

How do I plan for a wedding? Where do I start?

Wedding planning guide

  1. We have everything listed here so you can learn what it takes to pull off the ideal wedding bash. A safe time frame to plan a date for the wedding is as soon as you feel like you and your spouse have a date in mind. First decide if you want to hold an intimate wedding or have a large party with almost everyone you know. The wedding industry average says about 75% – 90% of the guests will attend.

One of the things couples usually regret is cutting the guest list to spend on other things. People are always the most important in your life, especially during weddings. Base your budget around how big or small your guest list will be.

  1. Come up with a budget. Are friends and family members contributing? How elaborate or simple do you want the event to be? Are you and your friends crafty enough to make your own decorations? After answering all these questions you’ll come up with a budget to rent a venue. It’s likely that your venue will ultimately have the biggest influence on the rest of your wedding. Keep in mind expenses such as bachelor party, bachelorette party, engagement party, ceremony at a church or venue, and court for marriage license and lastly honeymoon expense.

Narrow down a hall to get married in by location and the type of venue. Ideal dates are usually Saturdays nights which are priced premium but if it’s a simple party, you’re laid back, and you have a limited budget, great days to consider are off holidays, daytime functions, or even weekdays in which prices can be half as less. A Friday night wedding is just as great, some wedding locations will even let you setup the night before or early morning.

List of things to be on your budget: venue, invitations, dress to be worn, food and drinks (Catering or home cooked, drinks, desserts, cake, plates cups and utensils), Decorations (backdrops, chair rentals, props, linen, centerpieces, party favors), DJ and Entertainment (rent background music with speakers, or hire a professional DJ, or a host), and get a Photographer (assign a photographer or go with a professional that will capture the best moments to last forever) – Check out our vendors page!

  1. Look for halls for rent or venues that are centrally located near you and where majority of your guests live. You can go with the wedding catering halls or wedding banquet halls that provide everything from food, drinks, and décor or you can look for a hall for rent and do everything yourself. New York event venues are as unique as the person hosting the party. Things to look for are the venues reputation, is the location easy to get to and safe, is their public transportation or ample parking, how much time do they allocate, are the prices clearly stated, is it on the first floor and are they handicap accessible and so on.

Deciding on the formality of the event along with the size is an effective way to narrow down the wedding event halls. Couples may want to get more creative and personal so a party hall which allows flexibility may be the best option to add your own touch. Our locations are cheap in comparison if you compare the number of amenities you get for the price. The cheapest party hall may not always be the best option. When choosing a party hall for rent, always check if they have insurance, is the contract clear, how updated is the venue, and read the online reviews for verification. Browse through our website for ideal locations or you can simply call us at 718-200-0535 between 10am and 8pm – 7 days a week to speak to a customer care representative. Reserve your date soon before its gone.

  1. Once you have secured a contract, send out the invitations. Allow at least 6 weeks before to send out invitation either through mail or evite. By choosing a date early in advance, you’ll be able to ensure you find an unoccupied party venue in Queens and reserve the date in advance. Get an RSVP approximation of a guest count so you don’t overspend or end up buying too much.
  1. Pick a theme for your party. Think of themes, colors, and get creative with your ideas. This should be fun and not stressful. Only a handful of picky guests will even remember the colors or theme. What they will remember is how happy and in love the couple getting married is, how great was the food and drinks, was the entertainment amazing.

Some wedding theme colors you can consider can be found just by looking up ideas online. From celebrations inspired by timeless classy vintage style receptions, modern black and white themes, to colorful Indian style weddings, the options are limitless.

Remember the Bride and Groom are the centerpiece of the party so pay attention to the backdrop, chair, and main table. This will be the highlight of the party. You don’t want to back ugly or plain walls ruining your pictures. Look through the list of vendors and ask us for the additional rentals Queens Party Hall offers.

  1. What’s on the menu? – you can have it catered, cooked at home, or pay per plate. At our Queens Party Hall venues. We offer options for everyone. Rent Just the hall and have food cooked at home or have it catered by our designated in house caterer LCI Caterers with award winning Chef Joe featured on Food Networks Cutthroat Kitchen (5 star reviews on yelp) call 718-441-4111 click on our Catering menu page to see the full list of entrees and pricing.

Chafing dishes are supplied at all of the venues featured on Queens Party Hall. Always make sure to have the cooked food prepared to be served in 8-quart aluminum pans and always have extra food.

  1. Make an agenda for the party – Entrance time, party games and entertainment, when food will be served, speeches or slideshows.

Where should I look for venues to rent?

So you’re looking for a party hall in Queens? Well, Queens is one of New York City’s most diverse of the five boroughs. It’s adjacent to the borough of Brooklyn on the west and Long Island on the east, and it’s just a bridge away from Manhattan. Event Spaces in Queens also known as Queens County vary from locations and venues in different parts such as Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, Astoria, Woodhaven, Jamaica, and Ridgewood. Take a glance at our interactive map and you’ll notice our venues of different sizes are located near the border of Brooklyn and Queens.

What’s the first step to renting a hall? Consider the number of guests and choose a few dates for the party, then start looking for venues in Queens. Our website features great party halls in Queens near Brooklyn which may be ideal for your next event. For weddings and larger events, it is especially important to book early as popular party locations fill up quickly. Determine the size of your guest list, the decor of the venue, and the convenience of the Queens event space. Call us or text us today at 718-200-0535 between 10am and 8pm – 7 days a week to see if we have an event space in Queens that is suitable for your needs. Our interactive website is designed to answer all your questions. Please browse through the site and all your questions will be answered.

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